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I invite you to browse my photo-based travel blog and my portfolio of recent bird photos from Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Europe. You will certainly notice that I am very partial to Sylvia warblers and focus most of my bird watching during travel on finding and documenting these charismatic little birds. All images on these pages are of wild, unrestrained birds. Please contact me with comments, questions or inquiries regarding the use of my images. Thanks for visiting - I hope you enjoy my photography.

Dennis Lorenz

portraitdlorenzFrom a scientific zoology background with a Master's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I started photography in 2004 and have since specialized in bird portraiture. I currently live in Mels, Switzerland and spend my spare time chasing alpine species with camera and lens. New photography adventures, however, take me all over Europe and around the world. Fortunately, there's a never ending list of places and species I'd love to see and photograph. I serve as a committee member of the Swiss Naturephotographers Association. While some of my images have occasionally been published in various books, calendars, and magazines, my motivation in bird photography lies solely in the pleasure of being outdoors and observing nature. After all, photography is my hobby not my profession.

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